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Arthur Szyk (1894-1951, artist, miniaturist, illuminator, illustrator) is regarded as the greatest miniature painter and illustrator of his times; newsletter published six timer per year. The Arthur Szyk Society, founded in 1991, presents the artist's prolific body of works to broad and diverse audiences in the United States, and worldwide, thus ensuring that Szyk's legacy as a great artist and champion of democratic and Jewish values will never be forgotten.

Last Updated: 12/24/2010
Members: (Not Disclosed)
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Authors & Illustrators
Postal: Irvin Ungar
1200 Edgehill Dr.
Burlingame,  CA  90410
FAX: 650-579-6014
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Phone: 650-343-9588

Newsletter and Publications Contact:
Name:Irvin Ungar

Show Manager Contact:
Name:Irwin Ungar
Publication(s): Newsletter, Printed: Newsletter of the Arthur Szyk Society
Magazine, Printed: Art History Paper Series
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