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First days, annual conventions, chapters, cover exchange, auctions, cachet information, awards, foreign information, expertizing, question box, archives, translation service, sales department, slide programs, USPS liaison.

Last Updated: 2/1/2011
Members: 3,000
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Stamp Collecting: Covers First Day
Postal: Douglas A. Kelsey
P.O. Box 16277
Tucson,  AZ  85732-6277
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Phone: 520.321.0880

Newsletter and Publications Contact:
Name:Peter Martin

Show Manager Contact:
Publication(s): Journal, Printed: First Days
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ACC Member Club Association of Collecting Clubs

Club Resources   
and Programs:

Member Ethics, etc.
- Offers Collection Dispersal Advice to Members' Heirs

Available ONLY to Current Members
- Mentoring Program for New Members
- Club Convention
- Member Discounts on Products/Services
- Awards & Recognition Program for Members


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