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The Calorado Carousel Society was born in 1983 in the minds of four visionaries who realized that Colorado was home to five (now six) magnificent carousels. They believed there was enough interest in this area to for an organization that would be dedicated to their preservation, restoration and maintenance, as well as to encourage an appreciation for the history and art of the carousel. With that in mind, the Colorado Carousel Society is committed to developing a partnership between collectors of carousel carvings and operating carousel supporters here in Colorado. In fact, one of our members serves as liaison to each of our whirling antiques in order to keep us all informed as to their well-being. Society members enjoy several activities throughout the hear highlighted by our annual springtime picnic-in-the-park, held at one of Colorado's operating carousels, as well asour autumn house tour of members' private collections. We also offer our membership a semi-annual publication, the Brass Ring. Furthermore, the Society has introduced carousel art to the public, by providing carousel carvings for display at both the Colorado Historical Museum, and in the lobby of the headquarters of Coors Brewery in Golden. Most of our members also belong to the National Carousel Association. Therefore, we also represent a valuable nationwide network of interest, knowledge and expertise.

Last Updated: 3/27/2009
Members: 58
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
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Category: Carousels & Carousel Figures
Postal: Jean Martell
6651 Metropolitan
Colorado Springs,  CO  80911
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Phone: 719-392-9826

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Name:Dennis Towndrow
Publication(s): Newsletter, Printed: Brass Ring
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