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Our mission is to assist in the education and promotion of our hobby as it relates to the history and manufacture of historical bottles and artifacts. Our primary goal is to unite American Bottle Clubs across the USA. We strive to be the bridge between our veteran collectors and their clubs' tried and true ways, and the new age of technology and its infinite benefits. ABCAuctions makes every effort to promote the older or smaller local clubs that would like to grow their membership roster and help fill their club coffers with the necessary funds to avoid withering on the vine as so many older clubs do. We offer our member clubs and related trade affiliates the opportunity to network cooperatively with other clubs and the Bottle World with our free web-based email service. And, we offer Internet or Live Auctions and Direct Sale services for Clubs in association with their fundraisers or annual local bottle shows.

Last Updated: 7/11/2008
Members: 1,975
Club Type(s): Website Club
On-line Discussion Group
Professional Support
Category: Bottles
Postal: Randall Driskill
P.O. Box 2146
Vista,  CA  92085-2146
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Phone: 760.415.6549
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