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The CN Lines Special Interest Group is an international self-sustaining operational research and historical society that exclusively focuses on the Canadian National family of railways and actively promotes the art of modelling them accurately. The CN Lines SIG is not affiliated with Canadian National. Trademarks used under license granted at the time (mid-1989) the CN Lines SIG was organized. The focus of the CN Lines SIG will be on all the constituent parts of the system during periods of CN ownership. Except as background, it normally will not include coverage of lines prior to amalgamation into Canadian National, nor components after they have been sold or leased to other operators.

Last Updated: 12/14/2009
Members: 1,300
Club Type(s): Newsletter Club, Print
On-line Discussion Group
Professional Support
Category: Railroads
Postal: Greg King
51 Sommerfeld Road
Regina,  SK  S4V 0C6
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Phone: 306.789.1767

Newsletter and Publications Contact:
Name:Kevin Holland
Publication(s): Magazine, Printed: CN Lines
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