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Formed in 1972; devoted to collecting and learning about Depression-era glassware; incorporated in 2006. The purpose of the Society is to gain more knowledge of American glassware on the 1920's, 30's and 40's and to further the preservation and pleasure of collecting glassware.

Last Updated: 4/13/2010
Members: (Not Disclosed)
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Glass: Depression
Postal: Marge Urbonas
P.O. Box 856
La Grange,  IL  60525-0856
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Newsletter and Publications Contact:
Name:Bette Wittenberg
Publication(s): Newsletter, Printed: Society Page, The
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Club Resources   
and Programs:
Available to the General Public
- Has Shows Open to Public
- Supports Museums & Repositories in Preservation of Collectibles

Available ONLY to Current Members
- Mentoring Program for New Members
- Offers Educational Workshops & Seminars
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