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Founded in 1947, the ARA is a non-profit corporation serving the needs and interests of ALL collectors of revenues, tax stamps, stamped paper, telegraph and railroad stamps, and general non-postal Back-of-the-Book material - U.S. and foreign, federal, state, provincial, local, municipal and provate. The ARA is by far the largest, oldest and fastest-growing national or international society fulfilling this goal.

Last Updated: 4/5/2010
Members: 1,500
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Stamp Collecting: Revenue & Tax Stamps
Postal: Martin Richardson
P.O. Box 74
Grosse Ile,  MI  4838
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Phone: 734.676.2649

Newsletter and Publications Contact:
Name:Kenneth Trettin
Publication(s): Journal, Printed: American Revenuer
Affiliations and   
American Philatelic Society

Club Resources   
and Programs:
Available to the General Public
- Information on Reproductions & Fakes
- Has Shows Open to Public
- Promotes Global Collecting with Collectors Worldwide

Member Ethics, etc.
- Offers Collection Dispersal Advice to Members' Heirs

Available ONLY to Current Members
- Offers Educational Workshops & Seminars
- Club Convention
- Member-Only Auctions
- Awards & Recognition Program for Members


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