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British Columbia's oldest stamp club, the "BC Philo" has met continuously since 1919 in various locations in Metropolitan Vancouver. It currently meets every Wednesday from September through June. Visit our website for additional information.

Last Updated: 8/15/2009
Members: 99
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Stamp Collecting: Canadian
Postal: Bob Ingraham
Box 40, The Grosvenor Bldg
1040 W. Georgia Street
Vancouver,  British Columbia  V6E 4H1
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Phone: 604.694.0014

Show Manager Contact:
Name:Derren Carman
Publication(s): Newsletter, Printed: Newsletter
Newsletter, On-line: Newsletter
Newsletter, E-Mail: Newsletter
Affiliations and   
ACC Member Club Association of Collecting Clubs
Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
American Philatelic Society

Club Resources   
and Programs:
Available to the General Public
- Has Shows Open to Public
- Has Auctions Open to Public

Member Ethics, etc.
- Offers Collection Dispersal Advice to Members' Heirs


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