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ACC works with the leadership of collecting groups in supporting their memberships and strengthening their operations. This includes club promotion, membership recruitment and retention, club leadership models, management & finances of clubs, strengthening club conventions, shows and websites, global marketing, reaching new audiences, involving young collectors, building coalitions and networking. ACC works with over 5,000 collecting clubs on six continents.

Last Updated: 12/21/2010
Members: 5,000
Club Type(s): Professional Support
Newsletter-Club, E-Mail
Traditional Club
Category: Antiques & Collectibles: Professional Associations
Postal: Association of Collecting Clubs
18222 Flower Hill Way #299
Gaithersburg,  MD  20879
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Phone: 301.926.8663
Website: http://Collectors.Org
Publication(s): Newsletter, E-Mail: ACC/NAC Update
Affiliations and   
ACC Member Club Association of Collecting Clubs

Club Resources   
and Programs:
Available to the General Public
- Trial or Limited Membership Available
- Information on Reproductions & Fakes
- Promotes Global Collecting with Collectors Worldwide
- Supports Museums & Repositories in Preservation of Collectibles

Available ONLY to Current Members
- Mentoring Program for New Members
- Young Collector Programs
- Offers a Collector Insurance Program to Members
- Membership Directory
- Member Discounts on Products/Services


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