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An international association of phillumenists: collectors of matchbox labels, skillets, matchboxes, matchbook covers, matchbooks, and other forms of match packaging as well as match strikers, and match, matchbox & matchbook holders.

Last Updated: 8/21/2007
Members: 600
Club Type(s): Traditional Club
Category: Matchcovers
Postal: Arthur Alderton
122 High St.
Melbourn,  Cambridgeshire  SG8 6AL
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Publication(s): Magazine, Printed: Match Label News
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Available to the General Public
- Has Shows Open to Public
- Has Auctions Open to Public
- Promotes Global Collecting with Collectors Worldwide

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- Offers Collection Dispersal Advice to Members' Heirs

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- Mentoring Program for New Members
- Member-Only Auctions
- Member-Only Shows
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